Online rhino horn auction set to open in South Africa​

An online auction of rhino horn is set to open Monday after a court in South Africa approved the site which has outraged conservationists. South African authorities had refused to issue a permit in a move to ban the three-day auction, which they feared would undermine a global ban on rhino trade. The auction is due to start at 10:00 GMT Monday.


But the High Court in Pretoria on Sunday ruled in favour of the auction’s South African organiser, John Hume, who runs the world’s biggest rhino farm. His lawyer had argued that the permits had been approved but not issued by authorities in South Africa, where a ban on domestic rhino horn trade was lifted three months ago.


The ruling in April was said to have little effect outside South Africa because a ban on international trade is still in force. Breeders believe open trade is the only way to stop poachers slaughtering rhino. “We lost the case. We have to hand over the permit that was issued,” said environment ministry spokesman Moses Rannditsheni.


Source: News agency 

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